A utility box in Livermore, CA, was painted to honor and in memory of three therapy dogs that provided thousands of hours of service to our veterans and others—Albert, Lawrence and Thunder. The box was painted by Sue Marchand, the wife of Livermore Mayor John Marchand, as part of the City’s anti-graffiti program. A ribbon cutting,conducted by the Mayor, was held on November 29, 2015, the first one ever for a utility box in Livermore. The dogs were further honored by a flyover of a Huey helicopter by the Huey Vets (www.hueyvets.com).

Download PDF, “Latest Public Art Piece Celebrates Canine Volunteers.” Independent Magazine, January 2016.

Download PDF, “Dogs Can Bring Smiles To People’s Faces.” Independent Magazine, November 2015.


“We at Pleasanton Military Families have a very special place for these dogs in our hearts. They have attended our homecomings for our returning Troops with their handlers and brought so much joy and laughter to our service members. It was an honor to be there, and share this especial event.”

Azi Aryana, Army Mom and Member, Pleasanton Military Families

“My son goes to Rancho Las Positas Elementary and every day when I take him to school he says, ‘Mom look, it’s the therapy dogs from Shepherd’s Gate!’ He thinks it is so cool that they are in front of his school! Our family loves the painted utility boxes around Livermore! Such beautiful art and it makes the city look a little brighter.”

Erin Avila
Director of Residential Services- Livermore Campus
Shepherd’s Gate

“I cannot think of a better way than this to remember these dogs and their contribution to service in our communities.  Thank you, John Marchand, and to your wife, Sue. The box is beautiful.”

Bryan Welden, President and Founder, Diablo Valley Flag Brigade

“I think that the beautiful paintings of our special dogs will be a great way to remember all of the times we had with these amazing animals. I personally have seen the amazing work that these dogs have achieved. I appreciate the work of these therapy dogs, past and present. It warms my soul to see the changes in our clients that is brought through the help of these dogs.  My nine-year-old daughter said she that she loves that everyone will get to remember the dogs that have helped the people at Mommy’s work.”

Stephanie Russell
Regional Manager
Amador Tri Valley Center / Weston Ranch